Tuesday, November 13, 2007

RF Video Shoot Interview - Too Cold Scorpio

I’ve been a big fan of Too Cold since the early 90’s so I was excited to watch his shoot interview. Overall, I definitely enjoyed the experience, laughing out loud several times throughout, but I also think it could have been a lot better. Too Cold is candid, not afraid to speak his mind, and never seems disinterested or gives half-assed answers.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons. The pros are somewhat covered above, but to go into more detail, I really enjoyed Scorpio not holding back, as well as hearing behind the scenes stories and his thoughts on the people he enjoyed working with. There was also a ton of drug chat, which I found hilarious. The cons were that it only ran roughly 90 minutes, was void of any in-ring footage, and glosses over a lot of shit, especially his WWF stint, which was treated as an afterthought.

Here are some highlights from some of Scorpio’s comments for those that don’t want to shell out cash to see it firsthand:

WCW – He said Bill Watts was a racist. He said Buff Bagwell was a bitch and if he saw him in public he’d beat his ass. Said Sting was upset that Scorpio had a scorpion on his tights. He kept hinting towards heat with Pillman, but didn’t want to disrespect the dead. He talked about the Arn/Sid scissor incident. He said Missy Hyatt, after all the cosmetic surgery, still looked like shit. His first impression of Paul E. Dangerously was that he was a bitch. Talked about the “cocaine party”, and how, while touring an island, Steamboat and Flair’s wives wanted his dick. Said it wasn’t his fault Foley lost his ear. He said he beat Road Warrior Hawk’s ass in Korea in a brawl. He said Flair conspired to have him fired.

Mexico – Said Mil Mascaras was a prick, El Canek and Santo were cool, and he liked working with guys like Negro Casas, Silver King, and the Villanos. Said it was real easy to get drugs there. Said he worked Andre the Giant, and after only one Andre punch he was nearly knocked out, so afterward he respected everything he had done in the business. Said he’d hang with Yokozuna down there because he could roll the best blunts.

ECW – Said the drug scene there was completely crazy. He enjoyed working with The Sandman, who he said was crazy as hell, and enjoyed knocking the shit out of people. He also gave props to Sabu, Jericho, the Pitbulls, and Rob Van Dam. He noted on Shane Douglas never doing a job for him, and said he was a piece of shit. He talked trash about Curtis Hughes. He said Tommy Dreamer didn’t belong in a ring. He said Taz lived his gimmick too much, and was deserving of the broken neck he got. He said Heyman still owed him money, but overall, he said it was one of his favorite places to work.

Japan – He talked about his early days there in the New Japan Dojo being a “young boy.” Talked about his early matches, including getting beaten down by Eddy Guerrero, Finlay, and Benoit. He put over guys like Misawa and Taue as legends, and said of the young breed, he really enjoys watching Marufuji and KENTA. He was real proud of NOAH.

WWF – He said Shawn Michaels could kiss his ass. He said most of their guys are overrated. He had to leave WWF originally due to a lot of personal problems, stemming from issues like his marriage, drug abuse, etc. He enjoyed getting the opportunity to work against Vader.

Overall, this was a really entertaining shoot; I got to see a different side of Scorpio, and had a lot of fun listening to his stories. It’s been awhile since I’ve really cared to seek out shoots, and only ever seen a handful, but after viewing this one, I’d like to see more. I’d also like to see Scorpio’s allegedly gigantic cock inside Stephanie McMahon for her father giving Too Cold a raw deal.

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Adam said...

I enjoyed the shoot as well. I would've liked it to be a bit longer but I thought Scorpio covered everything as best he could.