Sunday, April 23, 2017

MVP vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

MVP vs. Jimmy Wang Yang - WWE SmackDown! #467 8/1/08 - 3

Jeff Hardy is ringside popping a squat on an unforgiving chair (of the steel not lawn variety). Anybody remember MVP’s Beat Down Clan in TNA? Listed on Wikipedia as a “villainous stable”. Foley on commentary says it took “great restraint” for Hardy to withstand MVP’s verbal abuse pre-match. Ross suggests perhaps he’s “filing it away for later” like that Juelz Ventura clip Shannon Moore showed him on the long car ride to the Giant Center in Hershey. MVP does some nice vocal work on his sells and dug him targeting Wang’s abdomen. He got in a nice series of knees to the mid-section early and later caught Yang coming off the top with a gut-buster. The Drive-By Kick ends it with finality.

Now hop on the Network and relive the Hardy & MVP feud which began in earnest the week prior when MVP cut a promo on the untimely death of Jeff’s dead dog that burned in a fire. Jeff’s threat post-match “If you ever mention my home, the fire, or my dog again I’ll prove to you what kind of man I am” had me guffawing.


matt said...

You think MVP is underrated during his WWE run? Especially after his feud with Benoit in 2007?

Brian said...

Matt: I would say yes, in fact, I do. I was definitely a fan during his WWE run. I liked his real-life story of a guy in a penitentiary watching dubbed Dean Malenko tapes. I'd seen some of his FIP run from Florida too at that point. I've seen very little from his NJPW run but I'd say overall for one reason or another (likely missed opportunities and lack of push) his career didn't live up to his potential.