Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kenny King vs. Rubix

Rubix vs. Kenny King - TNA One Night Only: X-Travaganza 2 - 2

Most wrestlers are either good at making their offense look good or at making their opponents' look good -- Rubix is an anomaly that does neither. His mask renders him unable to emote although him looking like Rob Feinstein underneath it allows us to overlook that. Kenny gets great height on a flying back elbow in the corner. Rubix missile dropkick looked like little leaguer's first attempt at sliding into home. I wonder if he wore his mask during his own team's group photo? "Who's the little boy with the jigsaw pieces on his face?" "Don't ask." In the first squash of the pay-per-view (the first two bouts on the show were worked competitively) King won handily with the Royal Flush. Don't forget to wipe.


Anonymous said...

Having seen plenty of Jigsaw over the years-your opinion is terrible.

Brian said...

RE: Anonymous

Opinions are subjective -- they can't be "terrible".

"That's the great thing about art. Everyone can have their own opinion about why it sucks." - Homer Simpson