Friday, June 21, 2013

BxB Hulk vs. Masato Yoshino

BxB Hulk vs. Masato Yoshino - DGUSA Uprising - 7

Recently watched DGUSA Uprising from 2010 couldn't get the BxB Hulk vs. Masato Yoshino main event out of my head. When you get past that this is a collaboration and not a competition (in terms of mode of story not the narrative therein) I found it strangely haunting. Hulk's ability at demonstrating the determination he has at retaining his championship is crystalline and for his part Yoshino's speed and pluck make him an excellent challenger. Masato hit what easily now ranks in my top three missile dropkicks of all-time. Such height, so compact. By the time BxB did the "H Thunder" scoop side piledriver (his homage to Hayabusa) off the top rope and Yoshino kicked out I was officially enthralled and raptured like I was during the hotel scene in Before Midnight. The crowd at the Mississauga International Centre that night were in for a special treat.

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