Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Randy Starr vs. Van Hammer

Randy Starr vs. Van Hammer - WCW Saturday Night 3/28/92 - 4

This is a really overlooked squash gem.  Starr looked like the a guy you'd always see at the neighborhood connivence store wearing a faded NASCAR shirt buying chewing tobacco and Mountain Dew.  If Sid got to work a marquee match at a WrestleMania how come Van Hammer never ended up filling out a makeshift Survivor Series team?  He deserved that much.  An early clothesline nearly ripped Starr's mullet covered head off.  Hammer busts out a butterfly suplex which never ceases to amaze me (even though I've watched this match at least a dozen times the past few years).  A backdrop nearly ends Randy's days of walking.  "Hammer Rocks" suplex (a renamed version of Blanchard's famed slingshot suplex) ends this treat.  Jim Ross talks up a musical/wrestling challenge by JT Southern who is known more infamously online as the guy Kazuo Yamazaki publicly humiliated in UWFi by kicking his leg into hamburger and demoralizing him badly enough to leave the country.  This is Hammer's 8th best career match.

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