Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tito Santana vs. Honky Tonk Man

I've been watching all the Pro Wrestling Superstars shows this year as they're consistently putting on the most diverse, ludicrous, and fun cards on the planet. Their latest release, a show in Miami (same town I watched James Pate wreck his leg leaping from a balcony onto a wheelchair ramp) was another in that tradition. On a card featuring Leilani Kai, Finlay, Vader, a first-ever New Age Outlaws vs. Varsity Club tag, and a main event Florida Championship Wrestling tribute eight-man tag featuring greats like Graham, Colon, Poffo, Blair, etc. I was as intrigued as I am for the forthcoming season five of Breaking Bad. But it was the match below I'm doing an essay on that caught my eye -- a match that wouldn't have seemed out of place on any house show or TV taping during one of my favorite eras in wrestling history ('80's WWF).

Tito Santana vs. Honky Tonk Man - Pro Wrestling Superstars - Legends Show in Miami 3/31/12 - 1

Greatest Intercontinental champion of all-time versus the godsend of the AWF. Honky performs his theme song off of Piledriver: The Wrestling Album 2 and if we're doing live revivals off that seminal release why not fly in Hillbilly Jim and Gertrude for "Waking Up Alone". Remember when WWF released that album in in 2002 titled Forceable Entry? Think it was named after McMahon's favorite act on sleeping divas. Tito should ditch the black duds for his old white trunks. Would make him seem more virtuous and less decrepit. I'm dying for PWS to to bring in Doug Gilbert in his Freddy Krueger gimmick to work a program with Stevie Ray. Tito's punches have some snap. Finish wouldn't have felt like such a slap in the face had it not came after three minutes of wrestling. Santana executed a sunset flip but HTM grabbed the top rope to prevent being pulled down, leading the ref to knock Honky's hands off causing him to get rolled up and pinned. This match did neither guy any favors. I would have loved some shtick, stalling, playing to the crowd, especially HTM riling up rubes, some rope spots, a hold or two, maybe even a glimmer of physicality, god forbid a nearfall, but instead we went straight from the opening to an abrupt ending. I'm going to place most of the blame on the booker as any kid with Tito and Honky LJN figures could create a more compelling story than this.

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