Monday, April 2, 2012

CM Punk vs. Mark Henry

CM Punk vs. Mark Henry - WWE Championship Match - WWE Raw 4/2/12 - 6

Hot off the heels of a lackluster WrestleMania two of the company's biggest in-ring assets put on an stupefying show. I was digging the hell out of this -- got a nice chunk of time and was just a cracking little match. Punk's beat Cena and Jericho clean but his resiliency was tested to its limits against Henry who looked a scary monster overpowering Punk, throttling him, and just talking trash and smacking him around while yelling epithets. Punk took an astonishing bump to the floor at one point. Punk's flying elbow is usually more Lanny or Angelo than Randy but came off with impact here. Crowd was going ballistic. Thought my evening topped out after filet mignon and coconut shrimp at Outback Steakhouse but this was a fine chaser. With a more conclusive finish I could see rating this above the previous night's Undertaker/Triple H - Hell in a Cell by a fairly wide margin. Post-match hijinks with Jericho dousing Punk in whiskey was a hoot too.

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