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2010 WWE Draft Analysis

As we did last year, the fine crew here at NHO has decided to offer up our opinions on the 2010 WWE Draft. We also invited our friend "Geo" to offer his views as well. Enjoy!

To Raw

Chris Jericho
J: So they want their best utility guy back on the main show, he will probably succeed on whatever show he's put on, love for him and Cena to renew their rivalry
B: I'd like to see Jericho, coming off real solid feuds with Michaels and Rey (and a considerably less quality one with Edge) continue getting involved in longstanding programs. On Raw, preferably in fresh match-ups with guys like Tatsu, Henry, and Primo, or if retreading, with Cena.
G: Like Jess, I honestly don't think it matters what show he's on. Jericho has a way of pinning the spotlight on himself so much so that you want to watch him, even if you hate him. Personally, Jericho is my favorite and I think it will be a fresh start with some unique matches just waiting to happen.
A: I like this as well ... I would definitely dig an Orton/Jericho feud or a feud with Morrison. Jericho is a great addition to any brand. He'll probably get the title at some point this year.

J: I just want him to find his f'n passion again, but I don't think it will be on this usually angle heavy show, would have left him where he was and moved Orton who I absolutely thinks needs something fresh besides HHH and Cena
B: So, apparently he's heel again? Much better served than as a face -- save for the fact Raw is now desperately in woe of strong faces. I'd stick him in a mid-card feud or just use him as a utility guy, but, think they feel they've spent so much time on him that they need to keep him a major player when his work doesn't evidence he deserves it.
G: Edge's home is SmackDown. I honestly was digging his comeback in a show that right now is doing ten times a better job than Raw. I look forward to matches with Orton. Possibly a revival of Rated RKO only now as faces?
A: Haven't been too high on him since his return. What's with the random heel turn? Will probably wind up an upper card utility guy.

John Morrison
J: He's here for backup, in case a headliner goes down, may slide into open spot left by Big Dave as top guy
B: I'd like to see him get pushed, possibly up to the top tier, liked his energy in the match w/ Swagger on the draft episode and think it'd be something fairly fresh.
G: Dislike this idea of moving him to Raw. There were still a lot of match ups I would rather see on SmackDown -- a show that seems to be more focused in-ring rather than backstage. His mic skills need work.
A: This could go one of two ways ... either he gets a big push and works near the main event or he gets the MVP treatment and gets stuffed down the card.

J: Not sure about this, seem him jobbing soon, and most likely no Pretty Ricky
B: His act is stale and woeful -- fire him.
G: Don't care.
A: Don't care about him either.

J: His main purpose: skits/ promote his upcoming book, probably end up with Tourettes again
B: Hope to see him on Superstars regularly working Regal, Ryder, etc.
G: Agree with Brian. As long as he keeps up the matches on Superstars, I'm happy. I dig the 'Dust.
A: Would like to see him with a decent run instead of stuck on Superstars, but I'll take what I can get.

Ezekiel Jackson
J: Guy needs someone to lead him, still not a good worker, should be packed down to Florida
B: Loved him vs. Christian at Rumble '10, needs to harness that intensity and become the monster we all want him to be. Maybe a feud w/ Bourne?
G: Potential is there, but all I can honestly see is a continuous push as a monster that squashes smaller guys.
A: Ok, so he's injured and still gets drafted? Don't think he'll make much headway.

The Hart Dynasty
J: Interesting move, think they're slowly getting over, and have the talent
B: I dig this act -- Tyson has had lots of underrated performances already in '10.
G: They are by far my favorite tag team, but they belong on a show that focuses on wrestling and not angles, as stated before.
A: Yaay ... my favorite team! Nice to see them get some love by getting the tag belts and sent to the "muthaship".

J: If they let her wrestle, she's great
B: I'd like to see her get active as a wrestler again, too.
G: Like you guys said: hopefully becomes more than just eye-candy. Needs to take Kelly's spot.
A: Really underrated. Would like to see her wrestle more.

The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh
J: Not really sure how much he has left to give
B: Another guy that should be fired -- let Inoki sign him for IGF.
G: Khalgruber doesn't do anything for me.
A: Who cares? Not me.

To Smackdown

Kelly Kelly
J: Less viewers watching her, good for less stalking, bad for her website hits
B: Seems pointless -- couldn't care less.
G: Least favorite. Can't work.
A: Will probably be stuck in the same spot on the blue brand that she was on Raw.

Kofi Kingston
J: We'll see, stop/start pushes are good for no one, seem him as next Shelton
B: I'd like to see him work a feud with Ziggler, think this is a better fit for him, a more athletic-based show.
G: I'd love to see my boy get a push for the IC title. Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston? YES PLEASE.
A: Let's see if this goes anywhere. If he gets a push, I think he could have some good upper-card matches but I get the feeling he'll be Shelton 2.0.

Big Show
J: Clearly on the backside of his career, think he was put here to do less damage to main event scene as they haven't let him headline in a while
B: I don't think I'd make him a headliner again, maybe work halfway up shows with guys like JTG and Matt Hardy.
G: I can see him becoming lovable Show again. No thanks, no thanks.
A: Interesting move here. We'll have to see what happens but please don't let him near the title.

J: Best move for him, can step up to main event, matter of time before he goes heel
B: If he stays face love to see him and McIntyre have a summer-long feud.
G: Punk vs. Christian is something I want to see more of... hopefully it happens.
A: Was stuck in purgatory on Raw. Really hope he can step up his game being on the blue brand. I would dig another Christian/Swagger feud.

Chavo Guerrero
J: Could he redeem himself, or will he be carrying Vickie's bedpan again
B: We'll see him on Superstars working Masters and Reks -- his best days are behind him.
G: Sad because he'll probably continue his shtick as a punching bag for a dwarf
A: Only reason he's still employed is because of Vickie, otherwise he'd probably be working AAA.

Cody Rhodes
J: Good spot for him as well, distance from Legacy is what he needs to set himself apart, he'll get a decent push, up to him if he can make it work
B: I really like this movie, would like Finlay to return so he could beat some experience into him.
G: Glad to see Legacy demise and go their separate ways. I've always enjoyed his mic work and he seems like he will be able to have some good matches on SD.
A: Hopefully he can have a good run here as a mid-card heel. If he switches to face, then he'll lose any momentum he had with Legacy.

Chris Masters
J: A nothing pick, haven't liked much of his work since he's been back, probably a jobber
B: Had a couple decent matches on Superstars but doesn't belong anywhere near a top position -- I'd stick him in feud with Shad over a female.
G: Can't really think of anything I'd be interested in seeing him in. Never liked him.
A: Has this guy ever had a good singles match? Can't work a lick and is nothing but a meathead.

J: Why he continues to get drafted i have no idea, could someone get him a voice, kind of useless w/o Finlay
B: Fire this stupid fuck.
G: No in ring performances. If anything, stick him as a manager with some face.
A: Please, somebody, anybody ... get rid of this useless little fuck.

Rosa Mendes
J: I see upside, she's hot, has character, now she just needs to learn to actually wrestle
B: Stick her with Barreta and Croft.
G: Solid as a valet, but that's about it. The only thing that would be promising is her role as a valet for Shad.
A: She's still employed? Don't see much in her.

J: Well that year on Raw sucked. He needs to go back heel, pronto, i don't care about his face run at all
B: Always liked him more on SmackDown! -- gets more of a chance to shine. If he stays face would like to see him work a minor program with Vance Archer.
G: Feud with Dolph Ziggler would be interesting. He's always kind of just been there in my opinion, stuck in mid-card. Hope things look up for him in a new environment.
A: Needs to go heel and work with Christian. Had an awful 2009 and a rough beginning to 2010.

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