Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Best of Monday Night Raw 15th Anniversary DVD set

What can you really say about Raw that hasn't been covered in the past? It's a fun show to watch because it's live; I've always enjoyed that aspect of it. Well, this is the review of the WWE's self-produced DVD set. We here at NHO review matches because that is the most important part of our business, but I've decided to review the segments featured on here also, with a simple Thumbs Up, Middle, or Down on each of them. This should be fun..

Bonus: The 1st Episode of Raw- 01/11/93

1 Yokozuna v. KoKo B. Ware- 3

This was a brutal squash. Yoko is so much bigger than Koko, it's comparable to when Kobe Bryan rapes a teenage white girl. Koko took a nasty shot on the ropes across his throat. Koko had to be one of the most fun and best bumping lower card guys WWE had.

2 Bobby Heenan Interview- Middle

Heenan was in one of those sets with the curtain behind him, cutting a promo about the upcoming Narcissus' debut at the Royal Rumble. He really talked him up (who we all know ended up being Lex Luger.) It was a great hype job but I can't give it too high a grade because we all know how Luger ended up; a murderer.

3 Steiner Brothers v. Executioners- 3
G-D! Another nasty squash. The Steiners were pounding these guys like tent stakes. Just complete annihilation. Very high fun factor to see guys in black masks get beaten to a pulp....that could have come off like a very bad statement.

4 Razor Ramon interview- Middle
I'll give this a middle because it was an effective interview. He was pushing his match against Bret Hart at Royal Rumble and really came off as a smarmy prick.

5 Max Moon v. Shawn Michaels- 4
This was pretty fast paced and had a lot of action. Moon (who looked an awful lot like Paul Diamond in a ridiculous blue spaceman suit) still had some moves and this was fun for what it was. Michaels couldn't control a tempo like he can today so the ground stuff was just slapped on near the end of the match as an afterthough with neither man really working the rest hold. But, all in all, it satisfied.

6 Undertaker v. Damian DeMento- 2
This really should be a one, but i give it a nostalgia point. DeMento (who is creepier looking than he sounds) had a hell of a right hand and rocked Taker several times with it. But, this was pretty damn short, like Mike Myers' dramatic acting career (sorry Nick 54) It would be the shits if the DeMento hair style came back in.

7 Crush gets outsmarted by Doink- Down
This was stupid segment and really wasted the skills of Doink (it's sad that I'm mentioning a clown character's skills being wasted instead of Crush's.) Crush cuts a promo like Dudley Do-Right.

8 Bobby Heenan tries to sneak into Raw- Middle
These were somewhat humorous, they ran throughout the whole show. Heenan doing anything to put over the show, it's one of his funniest and most endearing qualities, is that he will do just about anything to put over the product. He looked ghastly as a woman but very dignified as a moyle..

Disc 1 (1993- 1997)

1 Ric Flair v. Mr. Perfect (Loser Leaves Match- 01/25/93)- 5
This was a fun match, not the most technically sound but still fun. These two are a great match for each other. The chopfests, albeit short were still filled with some passion and who isn't a sucker for a chop fest? Flair's frustration was played perfectly and I think the out of nowhere finish worked for this.

2 Parking Lot Brawl (05/19/93)- Up
Featuring Henning and Michaels, this fit perfectly because it was really short but random and violent. These guys were throwing potatoes left and right and Michaels took a bump on a car windshield.

3 Razor Ramon v. 1-2-3 Kid (05/19/93)- 3
This was the famous upset that put the Kid on the map. I think a 3 is decent enough; it had really no meat to it besides Razor's lethal punches and Kid's subsequent sell of them.

4 Shawn Michaels v. Marty Jannetty (05/19/93)- 6
This was said to have been voted 93's Match of the Year. It reminded me a lot of a really rehearsed ROH match. Both guys were really fluid and you could tell they knew each other quite well. Michaels was still trying to find himself as a singles wrestler and didn't have the poise he does now. The finish was pretty dumb, as far as I was concerned with Henning throwing a towel in Michaels face and him getting rolled up.

5 Gorilla Monsoon fires Bobby Heenan (12/06/93)- Up
This started out pretty tame only because Monsoon wasn't even miked so you couldn't hear him but Heenan put it over the top, as he does most things. I'm guessing this was his farewell from the company; he looked like he was even shedding some tears but that was before he caught his foot in his own gymbag and threw his underwear all over the parking lot.

6 Bret Hart v. 1-2-3 Kid (07/11/94)- 8
If I may quote a famous African-American: "Damn!" If I may quote another one: "Brooke Shields is getting fucked tonight!" Okay, that had nothing to do with this match. What a lost classic! Hart and Kid were both stiff as all get out and they put together a seriously awesome encounter. Bret was giving Kid near falls left and right and really made you feel like he was a stiffer and more physical Ric Flair. Kid's kicks were just freakin' lethal and Bret's uppercuts were knockouts every time. I was blown away. Bret pinned Kid with Kid's foot on the ropes and Bret played the nice guy and made the ref restart the match- amazing story. This is worth at least renting this set just to see.

7 Search for Undertaker (Aug '94)- Down
Leslie Nielsen does what he does best- well, actually not in these skits, but what he does best is off the wall humor. Knocking Ray Rougeau, while funny, strikes a blow against our French-Canadian allies when all they want to do is be apart of a funny skit on a wrestling program, not be downgraded as merely a footstool for our aging comedic stars of yesteryear. When will society get beyond those parameters?

8 King's Court with William Shatner (01/09/95)- Middle
The Shat had some good lines here and this is funny just seeing him try and monkey flip Lawler. On a sadder note, the recent 13th anniversary of the death of Tekwar was celebrated by two rounds of Car bombs at hotel Shatner rented from

9 Shawn Michaels v. Owen Hart (11/20/95)- 6
This is the match where Shawn passes out after taking a shot to the head. These two had almost better chemistry than Shawn and Bret. I still don't understand why they dropped the Shawn-Owen feud after Bret quit the company. That was money to be made. Anyways, both guys have similar styles and they bump well. This wasn't long, under 10 minutes, but there was some quality work being done.

10 Vader attacks Gorilla Monsoon (01/22/96)- Up
This was damn good. Who didn't love seeing Monsoon chop the shit out of Vader, then Vader get some receipts with some really stiff blows. Plus, before that he was manhandling several ref's. I miss that big, mean tub of shit.

11 Touch of Goldust (05/27/96)- Middle
Goldust tries to give Ahmed Johnson mouth to mouth. It's an image I can never get out of my head. I give this a Thumbs in the Middle simply because of Johson tackling the dog piss out of some random dude through a dressing room door. Ouchy!

12 Pillman's Got a Gun (11/04/96)- Up
This was just Pillman at his finest. Austin beating the shit out of some dudes in the front lawn was funny as hell, especially the dude who got drowned in the kiddy pool. Pillman was so psycho-redneck in this but for some reason, they cut out the gunshot sound on the DVD. Here's another feud pissed away that could have been awesome.

13 Undertaker v. Mankind (No Holds Barred; 12/09/96)- 5
Ole' Mick and Mean Mark had a quasi-stiff match here that's probably better left forgotten. Mankind took a really hurty bump head first into the guardrail and Taker sucked ass on his usual legs into the stairs bump. Neither guy has a really good punch, but they look decent enough to carry them through this kind of meandering brawl.

14 Shawn Loses his Smile (02/17/97)- Down
As anyone who looks back on this knows, it reeks of stinktitude. Even watching it now, the motives behind it are questionable. Was their a knee injury? Why was Shawn back in less then 4 months? I don't really buy the interview, even though on his DVD, he expresses a lot of sorrow about having to give up the title.

15 9th Wonder of the World (02/17/97)- Down
Chyna's debut...a time when we didn't have to worry about our divas Actually looking like women, and what would be the point in that? So they could pose for Playboy? and everyone could see the little flap of skin where their penis used to be? Just keep your Frankenstein chin and muscles bigger than most of the men on the roster. I didn't really enjoy this segment even though it had great heat.

16 The Original ECW Invasion (02/24/97)- Up
Now, when they did this the first time, it was definitley intriguing television. With all of Paul E's miscreants at his side, getting stiff, botching spots and talking shit, how could you not enjoy it? I don't think it had any long term impact on either company, quite honestly but in a way, I think Vince wished he could have turned his fed into what made ECW so fun to watch: garbage wrestling. And I must ask Jerry Lawler, who even to this day, continually questions the motives behind Vince's ploy to help out a fledeling fed and questions their hardcore style: Is ECW's brand of wrestling any more offensive than what Lawler himself ran in USWA, with every monster gimmick known to man invading and giving himself the Worlds Title over 25 times? Is that a much superior style of competition? If it is, he's more delusional than I thought.

17 Owen Hart v. Davey Boy Smith (03/03/97)- 7
This was just a clean, athletic, scientific, competitive match at it's finest. Two very well trained professionals doing what they do best and getting the job done. They built some very fine near falls, especially for them both being heels at the time. Both guys are so damn talented, this just was a pure joy to watch. The finish was creative and a play off of Owen-Bret's famous Wrestlemania match, which was a neat touch. Well worth seeing.

18 Bret Speaks his Mind (03/17/97)- Up
This was just Bret Hart talking mad shit and calling out Vince for booking him into a minor role instead of the superstar he truly was. How could anyone not enjoy this?

19 Steve Austin/ Dude Love/ Undertaker v. Bret Hart/ Owen Hart/ Davey Boy Smith (Flag Match, 07/21/97)- 3
This was joined in progress already. Austin was beginning his stages of sloppiness and the heels were just bumping around Taker like Hollywood stuntmen. Foley knocked the shit out of Bret on the outside with a blindsiding football tackle that seemed really out of character for him. There was no cohesiveness to this and wasn't very good, despite all the talent.

20 Stone Cold Stuns the Boss (09/22/97)- Middle
This was mildly entertaining as Vince tries to play the nice guy, telling Austin "we care about you, the WWE cares about you." Note to any WWE superstar: Don't ever believe that line of BS if it's spewed to you. Austin ripped Vince a few times; not bad.

21 "Bret screwed Bret" (11/17/97)- Down
This has to be the most talked about subject and written about subject in wrestling history. My opinion is that it was a shitty move. To do it on national PPV, in front of a worldwide audience and then toss the blame to someone else, someone who had broken his back for the company that made him, and Vince didn't think he could trust Bret. This segment made me throw up in my mouth a lot.

22 Sable in the Sack (12/08/07)- Down
Man, she looked awfully tittilicious in her outfit. Mero called Brandi a jobber. He's so insider, isn't he? Sable definitley was looking her breast, i mean best. Not sure why this was even on here.

23 Gold Meets Water (12/15/97)- Down
Austin threw Rock's IC belt over a bridge. Whoopity Doo! He should have done himself a favor and threw his pre-nup to Debra into the water too.

24 Christmas with D-X (12/22/97)- Middle
Dx in their thongs, for some reason I think Chyna had bigger man junk than either of them. Then, they had to wrestle each other for Shawn's European Belt. That was slightly humorous.

Disc 2 1998-2002

1"Tyson & Austin" (01/19/98)- Up
At the time, this was a good piece of business: Austin didn't give a damn about anyone and Tyson was in need of a payday. And some speech lessons. Cold Stone Steve Austin? Don't tell me Steveo was thinking about doing the ice cream gimmick?

2 DX Special Report (02/02/98)- Up
Another funny segment consisting of Shawn and Hunter just saying every dirty phrase they could think of on TV while Chyna stood by and looked like a man.

3 Dumpster Diving (02/21/98)- Up
This was a crazy segment. Only Foley and Funk would let someone push them off a 6 foot edge to concrete while inside a dumpster. Of course, it could have been filled with that foam shit they build when Shane McMahon wants people to think he has a large schlong.

4 New DX (03/30/98)- Middle
You can already see the smugness building in Trips loins on this segment and it made my stomach turn. X-pac had some funny things to say about Hogan and Bischoff so this wasn't all bad.

5 Stone Cold v. Vince (04/13/98)- Middle
I remember this happening live and being pretty sucked into seeing Vince actually get in the ring. Now, I pray nightly that he never does it again. God, they killed a lot of time doing this. Then, Foley (as Dude Love) comes down for no reason at all and interferes before it gets started. I smell Russo.

6 DX invades WCW (04/27/98)- Up
This was a very clever segment. It was funny as hell hearing all the people that got their tickets for free. Just this one stunt trumped Bischoff giving away Raw results for 3 years. Who cares if LOD beat *8 ball and Skull- I want to know who was working some psych!

7 DX Nation (07/06/98)- Middle
I give this Thumbs in the Middle for the creativity, even though it has been copied numerous times now. The thing that left a bad taste in my mouth was Jason Sensation (who does an excellent Owen Hart impression.) He ran down Owen's whole character and demeaned him and in hindsight I believe this should have been left off the disc.

8 Zamboni 3:16 (09/28/98)- Up
Who doesn't love Zambonies? Especially when you're getting a blowjay on one( if you want to see what I mean, go to I've always loved the visual of Austin diving off the top of it and clotheslining the adulterer right out of that adulterer Vince McMahon.

9 Debut of Mr. Socko (10/05/98)- Down
This segment wasn't even funny, which was what is was supposed to be. Mr. Socko, in hindsight, just made me feel sorry for Foley's kids that he would subject them to something that stupid and creepy.

10 Concrete Corvette (10/12/98)- Middle
This worked for what it was, to continue this long going feud between Austin and McMahon plus it was cool to see it.

11 Bang 3:16 (10/19/98)- Down
Not sure what purpose this segment served other than to make McMahon piss his pants. Again, this wasn't funny, nor was it entertaining and the gun Austin used looked like a child's toy the second he brought it out.

12 Mankind v. The Rock (01/04/99)- 3
I really don't miss these style of matches. While this was a grand moment, Foley winning the World Title for the first time, the match was littered with this late 90's style cliches, like talking into the announcers head sets, bad brawling around the ring and a announce table spot where almost surely every time it won't break correctly. Then, you had Russo putting his grimy fingerprints all over it with 15 people all interfering in the match, so it wasn't even a clean win. And the in ring stuff they did during it was really sloppy, Foley's punches looking lazier than Dr.Phil's wife in bed.

13 Monster Truck v. Town Car (04/19/99)- Down
Destruction is always cool, but this one felt pretty lackluster. I mean, we've seen Austin be pretty destructive and this was one of his least inspired demolition derbies. then, the brawl afterwards with Rock over the graveyard was pretty weak sauce as well.

14 Mean Street Posse v. The Stooges (Brisco/ Patterson- 05/19/99)- 1
Not sure why this was included. It was really short and the Posse were definitley the shittiest of all the roster at this time. They couldn't even throw simple punches without falling over themselves. The legends were really over and Patterson took a nice body slam on the outside. Please avoid this, mainly because Patterson ripped his shirt off at the end.

15 Greater Power Revealed(06/07/99)- Down
This sucked. Instead of the most bad ass evil dude the fed ever had being the ultimate power, it's another ego stroke for Vinnie Mac. And how could his daughter ever conceivably get over her dad trying to "sacrifice" her just to get back at one of his employees? This shit got way out of control.

16 Y2J (08/09/99)- Up
I am a self professed Jerichoholic and this was at the time, one of the greatest debuts in WWE history. I think Jericho's initial speech still stands the test of time as it was funny, and still very heelish in it's approach. I remember this back and forth being much longer, as I think some of it was cut out but he had no better guy to verbally dual with than Rock at the time.

17 Rock: This is Your Life (09/27/99)- Middle
I still can't believe this was the highest rated segment in Raw history. At this time, fans would have laughed at anything the Rock said, as his material was entertaining, but not incredibly funny. You could see Foley trying to get a major rub during this segment too but I still feel it was way too long.

18 Big Bossman's Poem (11/18/99)- Down

There's something morbid about hearing him deliver these grotesque lines about maggots eating the dead flesh from Big Show's"father" considering Bossman is now gone. And I can't believe they didn't include Big show riding his father's casket in leather pants. Idiots!

19 HHH marries Stephanie (11/29/99)- Down
I stick to what Brian said about this angle years ago, that any # of heels at the time could have pulled this off just as well if not better. Could you imagine what Jericho would have done with this material? or even Hardcore Holly? You know he would have at least felt Steph up while she was drugged!

20 HHH v. Chris Jericho (04/17/00)- 4
This was when they screwed Jericho out of the belt. The crowd was rabid for him to win and the heat was crazy off the charts when he did. This was really short though and felt like the leftovers of a great meal. HHH had great punches and Jericho's chops are some of the best in the world; I mean he learned from Tenryu(not a real fact), okay he at least worked with Tenryu. Anyways, there was some mild interference but it didn't deter from the overall match. Just a lot of World Title match tricks thrown in so this really didn't do it for me.

21 Shane McMahon buys WCW (03/26/01)- Down
This was portrayed as a joke now, which we all know how badly this idea turned out. I think they thought they had a really surprising twist by doing this but had no clue how to go about handling it.

22 Milk-o-Mania! (08/20/01)- Middle
They didn't show the whole segment where Austin was at his goofiest, listening to his watch, saying "What?", and singing "Wind beneath my Ring!" with the Alliance. This is where Angle played off of Austin's famous beer truck incident with milk, but the funny thing was when Austin did it, he did it to 3 guys; Angle shot milk on like 25 guys and none of them decided to duck out of the ring and go beat his ass. Completely illogical.

23 HHH Returns (01/07/02)- Down
Completely pointless. There was nothing significant about this return at all, only that he had been gone for a long time and we didn't miss his leather jacket tucked into a cutoff denim jacket. Can't believe that didn't catch on. He did whip up on Kurt Angle for a few minutes of inane physicality.

24 Rock- Hogan Face Off (02/18/02)- Up
This was an epic moment when it happened, but kind of predictable: Rock putting Hogan over, Hogan putting himself over, but seeing Hogan eat a little humble pie was nice

25 McMahon-Bischoff Hug (07/15/02)- Middle
Again, kind of surprising at the time, but personally, i think they're both serpents so I really could care less; Bischoff's long monotonous promo was really repetitive, the same old stuff, Nitro beat Raw 83 weeks in a row, blah, blah,blah, let's not forget Nitro had a murderous doll punking out one of it's top stars and Raw had a 70 year old woman give birth to a plastic hand, so they've both committed crimes against humanity.

Disc 3 2003- 2008

1 The Rock Concert (03/24/03)- Up
I was a huge fan of the Rock's short heel run when he came back in early '03. It was completely over the top and you could tell he was just having fun with it. He performed acoustically slightly altered versions of popular songs, such as "Rock did it Rock's Way." Nothing was funnier than when he got a kick out of one line he wrote, to the tune of an old Elvis song where he said "Rock won't be back until the Lakers beat the Kings in May!" I mean, he was busting out laughing so hard he repeated it over again.

2 Kane Unmasks (06/23/04)- Down
This was supposed to be a big moment but hasn't anybody in the front offices of WWE got it through their heads that no one cares about Kane? Jim Ross had the perfect line for this occasion when he uttered, "What the hell is that?"

3 Musical Chairs (07/05/04)- Up
This was a segment I had never seen, but it was pretty entertaining. Flair was chasing Stacy Keibler around like a dog in heat and that led to his elimination. Y2J chants filled the arena when he pulled Tomko's chair out from under him; i think i used that same move at my cousin's 5th birthday party.

4 Randy Orton kicked out of Evolution (08/16/04)- Down
Apparently at the behest of "Trips", this supposed to be long played out angle was dropped one night after Orton won the belt. Shooting their wad Waaaayyyy too early is this company's specialty.

5 Monday Night Football Spoof (11/22/04)- Down
Was this supposed to be funny? I saw the digs at pro football but after Benoit went nutso, WWE would be to blame for some of the same things they were accusing NFL of. And Trish in that nose guard with two black eyes was supposed to be sexy? I'd rather eat some soggy beef tips and overcooked onions than her pussy.

6 Batista turns on Evolution (02/21/05)- Up
Dave Batista and Franklin Roosevelt have something in common: they both speak softly. Don't know about the big stick part...i'm sure there are stats somewhere on line. But, I always thought his calm demeanor stood out amongst all the other juiced up heavyweights. But, his charisma or lack there of is not why this gets a thumbs up- that would be because he absolutely broke HHH in half with a sick powerbomb through a table. Lovely.

7 Shawn Michaels v. Shelton Benjamin- 6
The styles in this match worked well to a point but also against them to a point. Benjamin missed some cues early on and you could see Michaels getting pissed, as usual. Benjamin was hitting all his hard to hit arieal spots that he usually misses so that was a plus. And the crowd was exceptionally hot while JR put the match over huge. The finish was a highlight reel favorite and is pretty spectacular. I think a more seasoned Benjamin could have made this a real classic.

8 John Cena drafted to Raw- Up
I thought this was a good segment- it was surprising to have the other show's Champion show up on Raw. Jericho was funny, Christian interrupted and was his usualy smarmy self and Cena's "rap" burned Christian worse than the pain in his dick when he was in community college.

9 Edge/ Lita Wedding- Down
How many wedding segments do we have to sit through? This one was really boring. Lita looked incredibly slut-a-licious and Edge played Matt Hardy's theme music to piss off Internet marks. Kane got involved and regrettably didn't set himself and the whole damn stage on fire and burn to the ground.

10 HBK turns on Hogan (07/04/05)- Middle.
This was done well. It was certainly unexpected but in my mind, and I think most every other wrestling fan's mind, completely unnecessary.

11 Jericho is Fired (08/22/05)- Middle
Another lackluster piece of bizniss- Jericho was funny as going from angry to whining to pleading to begging to keep his job, an exit similar to that of Heenan's years ago and Bischoff plays an excellent prick.

12 Shawn Michaels v. Kurt Angle (Iron Man Match, 10/03/05)- 7
Better than I remembered. Still not great though. They did the falls pretty well, good pace, good pinfalls and the finish is a classic draw finish where the good guy hits his finishing move in the last few seconds and doesn't have enough time to get the pin. Angle was pretty limited and for a guy who usually has a deep move set, he looked as creative as Kip James out there. It doesn't make much sense that Michaels was in the anklelock for like 6 minutes in their Mania match and taps out only after 30 seconds in this one, but okay, that's fine. The commercial breaks really put the brakes on this one, even though you can tell they switch to rest holds during them, that's still a large chunk of change missing from the match and the pace is just killed when you go real hot and then bring it back to a leg grapevine on the mat. Overall, probably the worst of their 3 matches together.

13 Stone Cold stuns the McMahons (10/03/05)- Down
God, this thing droned on like a film starring Hulk Hogan. Stone Cold was mildly funny in it, but there's only so much McMahon I can take in one segment and this puppy was way over quota. All 4 of them sold the Stunner like a pile of shit too which you'd think after 8 years of taking it, you'd pick up a thing or two.

14 Trial of Eric Bischoff (12/05/05)- Down
Another Vince ego stroke. He makes himself a Judge, pisses all over Bischoff to give the shriveled dates in his nutsack a tingle, then drives a garbage truck so he can be cool like Stone Cold was all those years ago when Raw was still getting ratings. This blew Magic Johnson's AIDS infected cock. Sorry Magic; you're still a legend.

15 Live Sex Celebration (01/19/06)- Middle
The segment that garnered the highest ratings in years for Raw and made Edge think he was a player on the scene. I could tell much was edited out because I remember on the live show Lita's nipples being shown but I saw no sign of the purple patches of pepperoni-like flesh this time. Not that I was really looking. Flair intervening and humping the air was a kick too.

16 DX impersonates the McMahons (06/26/06)- Down
I'm definitley not Down with this. Anybody see a pattern? The McMahons are invovled on nearly 1/3 of this set. Not everything they touch is gold. Anyone remember Vince blowing up? Or Linda having an affiar with Bischoff? or Shane's neverending feud with Kane that seemed to be written by a Hollywood horror screenwriter? Or Stephanie having a bulldog that shit everywhere? Speaking of shit, fecal matter dropped all over the McMahons after Shawn and Hunter made a fool out of them and themselves. Please, Stand Back!

17 Edge v. John Cena v. Rob Van Dam (07/03/06)- 4
This was pretty sloppy at most points but definitley physical. Edge was getting beat back and forth and looked like a drunk looking for a cardboard box in an alley. JR really tried to put this over as being special, but it didn't come off like that at all. Cena and RVD's styles really clashed and it showed during RVD offensive flurries and Cena's subsequent sell of them. Edge should have been the one to tie the match together but he let it hang loose like a stitch coming out of the seam of your shirt. The finish wasn't bad; it had a good false ending but ultimately more of the same RAW main event stuff that's so retread. This really didn't belong on the disc.

18 Shawn Michaels v. Edge (Street Fight- 01/22/07)- 5
This is a poor version of some better street fights Michaels and Edge have both been apart of. After coming back from a commercial break, Michaels looked like a car wreck victim. It's a real disconnect when you miss a blood spot so it was hard to really feel the emotion. Edge took some more really pussy bumps disguised as "hardcore" ones. It wasn't a meandering brawl like a Vince street fight, but there were not a lot of good counters or reversals which both guys are known for the match's pace was really off.

19 HBK Returns (10/08/07)- Middle
At the time it was nice to see him again and I rather enjoyed the surly Shawn but now seeing it a second time, it really doesn't have the effect it did then. Besides that, his big superkick on Orton missed more than the XFL did with casual sports fans.


Brian said...

very splendid work, sir.. - i enjoyed taking this trip down memory lane.. reliving all the atrocities brought to this weekly on monday nights.. - one thing i can't concur with, however, is your distaste for eating out trish stratus.. - i would be all about that..

Adam said...

I would love to watch this!!! Great work as usual Jess.

Jessie said...

thank a lot, this was like a labor of love...except i didn't love half the stuff on it....i'm not into blondes...but maybe if her undercarriage was shaved, i'd be there with a bib on!