Tuesday, October 9, 2007

WWF @ MSG - 4/6/81

What’cha gonna do when Backlund-mania runs wild on you?!!

1) Irish Terry Gunn vs. Yoshiaki Yatsu – 2
Not sure who either of these guys are. If Gunn is Irish then I’m Japanese. Vince calls out Gunn numerous times on commentary about how weak his moves look and for once I agree with him. A double knock-down near the end gains some scattered boos. Yatsu hits a really sloppy throw for the pin and we move on.

2) Killer Khan vs. Dominic DeNucci – 3
The crowd is steaming hot for DeNucci. Khan looks a bit overweight … maybe he had too many hot dogs. Wait, Mongolians don’t eat hot dogs … they eat their own. Perhaps someone should’ve eaten Killer Khan because he looked like crap. Then again, why would I want to eat crap? I prefer to scoop it up. Anyway, I digress. The end saw Khan get the pin after a hard knee.

3) Pedro Morales vs. Moondog Rex – 3
I’ve never seen any Moondog actually wrestle in a tag team match. What the hell is a moondog anyway? Rex controls the early part and keeps the crowd out of it. Morales comes back with fan support and wins with a small package. Here’s another question: Why was Moondog Rex given a shot at the Intercontinental Title? Niether guy worked really hard. I wasn’t impressed.

4) Pat Patterson vs. Sgt. Slaughter – 7
No, this isn’t the famous alley fight. Patterson is hot from the get-go. Slaughter is very lean and, I know my vision is bad but is that the Grand Wizard coming out with Slaughter? It is! Wow. Slaughter is a bump machine as he eats turnbuckles and steel from the outset. Slaughter’s selling is very effective too. Patterson holds the advantage but is literally tossed aside by Slaughter mid-way through the bout. I haven’t been this engrossed in a match in a while. I was praying this wouldn’t end in a lame count out. It’s been way too good to end like this. Patterson tries to fight back in but Slaughter won’t let him. OH DIOS MIO!!! SLAUGHTER’S GOING TO JUMP FROM THE TOP ONTO PATTERSON!!! Instead, he jumps down to the apron and kicks Patterson in the head. What a great tease! Patterson eats a ringpost and sells it like he’s dead. Patterson finally gets back in. Slaughter controls. The ref gets shoved … he’s back up … he get’s shoved again … he’s back up … he’s double teamed! Slaughter and Patterson brawl. Double DQ at 13:30 pisses off everyone around and therefore lowers the score. This thing was intense from bell-to-bell.

5) Mil Mascaras vs. Moondog King – 4
King looks like one of those homeless guys who begs for change on the street in front of the stadium. Come on, those of you who go to ballgames in Cincy all the time know what I’m talking about. Mascaras seems pretty spry. King seems like he has a better work ethic that his supposed partner, Rex. Mascaras hits a nice flying forearm in the first five minutes. The finish sees Mascaras score with a swank top-rope cross body. Mascaras rules all and the Moondogs still suck.

6) Bob Backlund vs. Stan Hansen – Steel Cage Match – 6
I bet you’re wondering why the main event is in the middle of the card. It’s because of that curfew rule that NY used to have. Hansen attacks Backlund as he enters the cage and here we go. This is going to be wild! Hansen bleeds and bumps against the cage. Holy crap, the cage almost fell over!! They trade punches on the top rope and Hansen crotches himself hard leaving Backlund to easliy walk out of the cage. The crowd goes apeshit and Hansen is livid! This would’ve been better if it had been a little longer as it barely went nine minutes.

7) Baron Mikel Scicluna vs. S.D. Jones – 3
Ah, two perennial 1980s jobbers so someone has to get the win here, right? Also, why is Scicluna on every damn show I watch from this era? Jones works a body-scissors early and almost pins himself. Scicluna tries to gain the offense but Jones whips out a sunset flip to score the win. Well, I guess it’s back to driving cabs for Scicluna. I hear he gives a discount rate for scumbags and crack dealers.

8) The Fabulous Moolah & Leilani Kai vs. Jill Fontaine & Suzette Ferreria – 3
At this point, Moolah is just a hag instead of a dirty hag like she was during the late 90s. It doesn’t really matter because she’s still ugly as piss. I almost didn’t recognize Leilani Kai, probably because she wasn’t the evil woman I remember from later years. Her attire looked like the design of a kiddle pool. I’ve never heard of the other two girls. The blond was midly attractive … if you were Stevie Wonder. Moolah’s team wins and the losers get rides in Scicluna’s aforementioned taxi.

9) Rick Martel & Tony Garea vs. Johnny Rodz & Larry Sharpe – 4
Ok, so I’m confused here. How can Rodz and Sharpe be two of the most respected trainers on the east coast but suck so bad in the ring? Somebody … anybody? Garea didn’t really impress me all that much either. Martel as usual was solid but this was early in his tenure so naturally he’s going to be rough. Rodz was the only saving grace for his team as he put in a few stiff shots but he still sucked. Martel & Garea win … as if you were surprised.

Final Thoughts:
The Backlund/Hansen match can be found on the Bloodbath DVD that was released a few years back. I would recommend seeking out the Patterson/Slaughter match as it was the perfect set up and a great precursor to the brutal alley fight that was held the next month. If you’ve seen the alley fight, then you have to see this. Everything else can be skipped, however, I give this whole show a mild recommendation for the two big bouts and the Mascaras showcase.

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