Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ring of Honor: Live in Tokyo- Tokyo, Japan 07/16/07 (DVD)

1. Rocky Romero & Davey Richards vs. Jack Evans & Kotaro Suzuki- 5

I like the team of Richards and Romero; they both have a good look and they work very snug, Richards especially. I really have a hard time swallowing Jack Evan's offense against Richards because he's such a thick brute and Evans stuff just looks like bullets bouncing off Superman's chest. Besides some ill advised planchas to the floor, there are not many mistakes made here. Suzuki and Richards look more like partners, nearly having identical tights. I thought this match was way too long for an opening tag because I had a feeling it was going to have the same extended "everyone kicks out of everyone elses finishes" sequence that is a ROH staple, and I was right. I don't want to see that in the first match of the show.

2. Shuhei Taniguchi vs. Akihiko Ito- 5

While not worked in the same style, this dojo boy match seemed to have more passion in the right places. Even though I couldn't pick these two's faces from a lineup, I remember the fire they brought, especially in a chop fest sequence and some dangerous Germans. It was quite simple and that was a refreshing change from the usual back and forth spot fests ROH produces.

3. Jimmy Rave vs. B.J. Whitmer- 2

Jimmy Rave reminds me of my step brother when he was younger and all I ever wanted to do was punch him in the teeth. BJ reminds me of buying some Noxzema at the grocery store. There was a pretty neat suplex spot over the top rope but again I stress, was that much of a high risk spot really necessary in a throwaway midcard match? I get scared that when this crop of ROH guys are the veterans in wrestling, the steroid problem will have continued because everyone is constantly trying to top each other, even these two uninspired Munsons.

4. Bryan Danielson vs. Go Shiozaki - 8

I want to stand up and clap thinking of this match. This was Go's coming out party and he was certainly a Dapper Dan Man at this showing. As I stated earlier, this match stood out because there was that high intensity showdown of moves against each other but also some wonderful story telling shown. Danielson is quite the great worker and was on here. Go looked like a younger Kobashi and his strikes were something to fear; the psych they worked with Danielson blocking those and eventually hurting his own arm was fantastic. This was a huge war and the finish paid divedinds. Great submissions and transitions from both men and Danielson's super back suplex had the couch cushion under me wetter than Kelly Kelly at a dildough shop.

5. Roderick Strong vs. Delirious (Fight Without Honor)- 5

Delirious and Strong's styles didn't seem to gel for me. In a match where you can do anything, I really wouldn't think this would even be a beliavable match up as Strong is much stronger and tougher. He gave Delirious a backbreaking slam on a ladder propped between the ring and guard rail at one point that had everyone in the room cringing. Both men have a great move set but the match didn't live up to the hype I was hoping. And not one spot on the awesome Japanese style runway ramp was disappointing.

6. Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe & Naomichi Marufuji vs. Matt Sydal, Ricky Marvin & Atsushi Aoki - 7

There is some amazing talent in this match from the ever improving Marufuji and the two brothers that could be their uncles because their mother fucked their cousins Briscoe Brothers and on the other side, Pegasus Kid lookalike Aoki, the awesomely agile Marvin and the heterosexual (I use that term extremely loosely) Matt Sydal. This was a great match in terms of style because everyone matched up so well. The Briscoes and Marufuji seemed poised to win because they had more triple team moves cooked up and made better tags as the other team just seemed to be thrown together. This was fast paced and hard hitting, much like the rest of the show.

7. Takeshi Morishima vs. Nigel McGuinness (ROH World Title Match- 4

Not a lot to this match, there was a sick, sick, sick falling side slam to the floor from the apron by Morishima, speaking of, his offense was very eclectic in this match. Nigel did his offensive routine but not to the effect I thought he would. He has a thick forearm and I feel like these two could have a very good brawling sequence if they so desired. The finish was nothing to write home about and I felt like we were getting a "main even lite" in this affair and would have hope for more.

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