Thursday, October 4, 2007

WWE Smackdown- 05/18/07

1 Matt Hardy v. MVP- 4

2 Deuce/Domino/ Chavo Guerrero v. Paul London/ Brian Kendrick/ Jimmy Wang Yang- 2

3 Mark Henry v. Funaki- 1

4 Chris Benoit v. Finlay- 4

5 The Miz v. Christian York- 1

6 Kane v. William Regal- 2

I'm all about Matt Hardy and he and MVP cooked a solid match that didn't break the sound barrier but also didn't let the tortoise surpass them in a race either. Emphasis was placed on MVP's big boot and Matt's firecracker like punches, and less on unsightly things, like Vince's bald head and Jillian's really uneven boobs. The six man fracas went quickly, and left me with no impression at all; Yang's moonsault is something to watch. Henry blasted through Funaki and the once charismatc Japanese athlete thanks God he has health insurance….oh, wait a minute, I guess he has nothing. Benoit and Finlay hook up like two bulls wanting to bang the same cow and while a short tussle, leaves Benoit's back aching after bouncing off the steel stairs. The Miz gets a squash….? What is the world coming to? Next thing you know, Sid will win an Oscar for his portrayal of a rough around the edges softball player whose dream it is to become a wrestler, then subsequently have a really unmemorable and quite shitty career in both. That could sell tickets. As Brian put it, "If there's anyone I would want to see Kane wrestle, I guess it's Regal" meaning at least Regal will potato him before bumping like a freak to his chokeslam.

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