Wednesday, October 10, 2007

El Hijo Del Santo vs. Atlantis – (CMLL 11/11/05) – 6

This has got all the great stuff you could hope for out of a colossal lucha main event. Two icons squaring off, and as a result we see masks get ripped, bumps on the entrance ramp, and suicide dives as they’re intended to be done. Don’t catch my drift on the suicide dives line? I mean that here, the dives are implemented as a last ditch effort to go kamikaze, putting yourself at risk, to try to hurt your opponent; as opposed to the current usage of the move, another in a soulless series of simplistic spots used to get brainwashed rubes to chant some word or phrase in repetition ad nausea. But, I digress – this match was the shit, and even though he’s got older and flabbier, Santo can still soar like an eagle, and I’ll be damned if Atlantis doesn’t get more heel heat than anyone on the WWE’s roster of the last 5 years.


Jessie said...

i'm a big Santo mark, even though he is ancient. this sounds pretty good.

Adam said...

i'm not too familiar with mexican wrestling aside from that one lucha dvd we all watched.

i'd like to see this, sounds decent at least.

Brian said...

at one point in my life, i was a closet lucha fan.. hiding my love for the libre from the people nearby in school, work, and all walks of life..

but now i shout it from the rooftops, "i love lucha, bitch!".. - especially Atlantis the consummate rudo..