Sunday, May 14, 2006

WWF In Your House: Beware of Dogg

1 HHH v. Marc Mero- 7- A match where Mero tried to become a star, and for all intents and purposes, deserved to be. He did some things that most I would say were unwilling at the time. Exactly what a opener should do: set the pace and tone of the show.

2 British Bulldog v. HBK- 5- Tsk, tsk, tsk, Shawn. Shouldn't let your temper get the best of you? That results in the worst match of your career, or so you say? I've seen oodles worse. Do you have any tapes of your matches from RAW the last 4 years? Yeah, no one else does either. This is not what these two were capable of, but it certainly wasn't a complete disaster either.

3 Steve Austin v. Savio Vega( Strap Match)- 7- These two really whipped each other bad! Some great old school NWA psychology, and some real good action.

4 Vader v. Yokozuna- 4- short and sweet, everything these guys are not, but maybe their girlfriends are. Vader worked Yoko's leg the whole match, then put him away.

5 Undertaker v. Goldust( Casket Match)- 5- Goldust botched his quota of spots for the month in one match. Amazing! An entertaining match, but very odd choice for a main event.

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