Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Super Brawl 3

1 Chris Benoit v. 2 Cold Scorpio (9)- This match ended at 19:59; one second before the twenty minute time limit. This helped Scorpio, but it also helps put over the other guy, who no one had seen much of. It was a whole big helping of great action and moves, and athletics. Man, does anyone have matches like this anymore? At the beginning of a pay per view? No, because the guy in the main event writes this shit and doesn't want to be upstaged. That's smart actually.

2 Davey Boy Smith v. Bill Irwin (3)- Irwin was bumping big for Bulldog, but he visibally looked uncomfortable in WCW's ring, which was smaller than the WWF's.

3 Paul Orndorff v. Cactus Jack( Falls Count Anywhere) (6)- a fun match to watch. Cactus did all the crazy stuff, but Orndorff worked Jack's knee over the whole time in brutal ways. Orndorff also attempted to suplex Cactus back first on a standing guard rail, as well as the ring post in the ring! It was pretty ballsy to try and fun to watch. Cactus got over and the fans appreciated it.

4 Dustin Rhodes v. Maxx Payne (5)- Payne was really out of shape, but could bump for a big guy. They were having a competitive match until the end when a DQ was called. Rhodes worked hard in his rookie days and I think earned all he got, in that respect.

5 Great Muta v. Barry Windham (6)- Windham happens to be one of my 5 favorite workers of all time. Muta is in my top 20, so I was excited to see this because they were both still semi-young at this time. One thing I didn't like: Ric Flair had just came back to WCW and was at ringside. The fans just chanted for him for the whole first half and I'm sure he played it up. They worked a side headlock for 8 minutes. This was old school. They picked up the pace at the end, but not too much, and never got ahead of theirselves. Some good near falls and Windham becomes a World Champion. Well desereved, in my eyes.

6 Vader v. Sting( White Castle of Fear Strap Match) (8)- The promos leading to this match had been playing between every match and every interview and they were bizarre. Sting took off in a helicopter to go find Vader in some secret location. He ended up in a castle, that wasn't white. Vader was there and he had prepared a feast. His helmet was in the center; a jello mold, perhaps? Anyways, a midget with an eye patch and some 80's rock video girls egged Sting on to have a face to face with Vader and they did and that was the build up. In real life, they had feuded for the last year in WCW and had great matches, so now WCW wasn't sanctioning this violent match. They wasted no time. They hit all their big moves from bell to bell. There were no rest holds in the match. Vader's back was bleeding badly; Sting was bleeding from the head( one of the only times I can remember that happening) and by the end, following a vicious beating from Sting, Vader's ears were gushing blood. It ended with the ref out, and Sting carrying Vader on his back and right before he touched the last corner, tripped over the ref, so Vader then hit all 4 of them. It was a bloody, brutal encounter and a great match that I'll never forget.

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