Tuesday, May 9, 2006

The Lost Episodes of XWF - Disc 3

1. Drezden vsv. Marty Janetty - 3
2. Horace Hogan vs. Josh Matthews -1
3. Shane Twins vs. South Philly Posse - 3
4. AJ Styles vs. Kid Kash - 5
5. Vapor vs. Jimmy Snuka Jr. - 3
6. Curt Hennig and Ian Harrison vs. Vampiro and Buff Bagwell - 2
Bonus Match: Hulk Hogan vs. Curt Hennig - 4

All I remember from the first match was Janetty was high, and Drezden wished he were. I had trouble watching teenager Josh Matthews beat Horace, whom bumped for Mr. Pogo and company in FMW, when he hadn't even had his first taste of pussy (or dick) yet. I secretly love Public Enemy (South Philly Posse) even if their work sucks--maybe one day I'll wizen up. Still, their match here was atrocious in every sense of the word. AJ and Kash looked pretty good together, all things considered, this was the best singles match on the entire three-disc set. I still think AJ's large forehead is revolting, but not when compared to Kash's dirty hair. By watching the way Vapor moved around the ring, I knew right away he was Sakoda, his silly name didn't fool me. Jimmy Snuka Jr. should have been famous, but he now works at a swimwear shop on a beach somewhere, playing his Gameboy Color to kill time. The main event tag match was as hard to watch as the sex video featuring Kamala and Slick tagging some prostitute in Reno that appeared briefly on eBay last year--I've got my copy. In fact, I'd rather view Slick watching Kamala hit it from behind, contemplating why it's not as easy getting an erection as it used to be, and why he's sold out to being a stereotypical character for McMahon's empire than see guys bumping around the ring for Harrison's lethargic offense. The DVD ends with a bonus match, featuring Hennig and Hogan in an encounter that's worth watching just for its rarity. It's the typical Hogan match, where he gets his ass kicked, comes back, and scores a victory with a horrible leg drop--except he's now much flabbier and rigid. After the match, Hogan gives this interview where he even refers to himself as "blown up" and "fat", which is a side of Hogan we're not used to seeing, but then again, he probably didn't think many people would ever see this. The highlight of it is this face he makes, for just one second, where he sticks his tongue out of the corner of his mouth and tilts his head to the side like some kind of carnival goon or serial rapist, I freeze framed it and laughed hysterically looking at it for several minutes.

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