Monday, May 8, 2006

The Lost Episodes of XWF - Disc 2

1. Juventud Guerra and Psychosis vs. Konan and Ray Gonzalez - 3
2. Simond Diamond vs. Jerry Lawler - 1
3. Hail vs. Knuckles - 1
4. Johnny B. Badd vs. Norman Smiley -2
5. Shane Twins vs. Road Warriors - 3
6. Curt Hennig vs. Buff Bagwell - 2

The four guys in the opening tag match would have done this exact same match anywhere in the world, with little changes, as long as they were getting compensated for their efforts with fat checks and fatter burritos, and fat women, if at all available. Diamond and Lawler was easily the worst constructed excuse for a wrestling match I've had the displeasure of viewing in some time. Hail is back for another squash match, this time against unknown Knuckles, who has a floor to mop some place. I can't recall if Badd and Smiley was interesting or not, as I wasn't feeling it, but they both have homosexual tendencies and I think I'd rather watch what these guys do after the shows than during them. The only thing I want to see the Shane Twins and Road Warriors wrestling over is a bottle of pills. I can't forget the bump Hawk took, though; where he went to shoulderblock one of the Twins in the corner, they moved, he drilled the ringpost, and toppled out of the ring upside down, landing right on the back of his head and neck in a brutal folly. Later, Hawk is stumbling all over the place, either intoxicated or suffering from a mild concussion--or both. Curt can make most opponents look good, but you'd need a miracle to make Buff look like he's in a legitimate athletic contest.

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