Tuesday, May 23, 2006

WWE Smackdown! 1/6/06

1. JBL vs. Matt Hardy - Falls Count Anywhere - 3
2. Mark Henry vs. three jobbers - 2
3. Kid Kash vs. Juventud - 6
4. Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton - 5
5. Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs. Gymini - 2
6. MNM vs. Batista and Rey Mysterio - Cage Match - 4

The first match was a sloppy brawl, including the thus far worst table bump of the year. They were both standing on the table, and JBL was teasing a powerbomb, Hardy grabs him by the back of his ankles and just pulls, like a schoolyard trip, and Bradshaw does a back bump, collapsing the table and sending them both awkwardly to the floor. The Henry squash was pretty forgettable, as expected, except Rob Eckos' (one of the jobbers) amazing sell of Henry's bonzai drop, as he sold it like he was just shot through the heart with a harpoon. Juventud and Kash tore it up, and had a really good match together. The most insane spot was Juvi doing a huge flip off the top turnbuckle onto Kash on the floor, landing on the debris of the aforementioned broken table. Juvi did some good psychological stuff, selling the injured leg. Benoit versus Orton was good, but the finish was so bad, and took an entire point off its grade. Orlando Jordan randomly interfered, ruining the match. Booker T was watching at ringside, and as a side note, I think Sharmel is easily one of the most attractive women in the company. Orton's dropkick kicked looked good, but not much else was notable. Fanboy favorites London and Kendrick did this double plancha over the ropes onto Gymini near the beginning of the match, where the muscleheads were supposed to catch them, well, one of them dropped London sloppily, completely ruining that spot. There was no finish, which really hurt the match's score, as after getting themselves over at the expense of London and Kendrick, they just tossed them to the floor and that was it. The main event was a cage match, on free TV, which is rare, but it wasn't as memorable as expected. MNM looked really off and sloppy to start. Rey took one of the nastier bumps, a back bodydrop into the cage. Rey did a crossbody off the top of the cage, in the most visually memorable spot. The finish killed it, though, as Mark Henry waddled down to ringside and interfered. A slightly above average episode, although, booked a little differently, could have been a terrific show.

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