Sunday, May 7, 2006

The Lost Episodes of XWF - Disc 1

1. Big Vito vs. Buff Bagwell - 3
2. Marty Jenetty vs. Hail - 2
3. Ian Harrison vs. Horace Hogan - 2
4. Cruiserweight Battle Royal - 4
5. Nasty Boys vs. Shane Twins - 2
6. Curt Hennig vs. Vampiro

These episodes should have stayed lost. Vito and Buff have arguably the most competent, albeit lackluster, match of the show. It's not unlike a match these two would have done on Thunder, and wouldn't have been that bad, had Buff's finisher looked even remotely believable. Jannetty comes down to the ring in shades, and you know it's because he has bloodshot eyes from partying the night prior. Hail is a muscle-bound moron, one of my least favorite categories of professional wrestlers, and looks in desperate need of a lobotomy. Ian Harrison looks partially pit bull, which doesn't say much for his mother and her sexual habits, and squashes Hulk's nephew Horace in a laughable encounter. The cruiserweight battle royal is entertaining, albeit short; none of the guys truly get chances to shine, with the exception of Low Ki (under the name Quick Kick) got in a tight sequence of kicks on Kid Kash at one point. I like tag team wrestling, and I must admit a strange fascination with Nasty Boys matches, only due to their stiffness and willingness to absolutely murder your head. Shane Twins suck something fierce, though, even if their look is a throwback to the days of the old, their ability is nil, like their rep with the ladies. Curt is a gifted performer, too bad he didn't feel like showcasing his talent on this occasion, as he puts over the always-unusual Vampiro.

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