Sunday, September 13, 2015

Swagger vs. Rose

Adam Rose vs. Jack Swagger - WWE Main Event - 8/11/15 - 2

Two darlings of WWE’s C-level shows square off. Rose pops off some Reggie White-level forearms. Is Swagger or Miz the biggest fall from grace after losing a World title? Rose’s new vinyl trunks look like a stained glass rendering of a vagina from an anatomy textbook. Rose totally steals Delirious’ Shadows Over Hell finisher but doesn’t get the job done. Patriot Lock ends this one faster than it took Adam Rose to hit on the bartender in the faded Hum shirt at a dive bar post-show. If looking for a better Swagger match go back a week prior to the 8/4 episode where he and Big Show work a lengthy bout I found surprisingly good.

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