Monday, September 14, 2009

Nous observons chaque seconde #4


okay some Breaking Point thoughts:
opening tag match i enjoyed for it's simplicity although few oversights, ex. Jericho throwing a sad looking forearm that somehow knocked Show backwards. really putting over Show's KO punch & the champs overall- how come they can't do that for anyone else?

Kofi v. Miz was fun, got some time, but exposed that the quick paced match comes with experience, both guys had some amnesia moments where they were lost, match was a sprint, but it's forgettable

the DX v. Legacy submission match, what a blasphemous mindfuck this was! just the visual of Michaels having a front guillotine choke on Cody while draped over the guard railing in the crowd was so ridiculous. the idea of using submissions in the middle of a wild brawl all over the building doesn't make a lick of sense, but I think given their limitations, all 4 tried their hardest to make it work, it just didn't

Kane v. Khali was best you could expect with the progression of this feud, both guys have immense power and whacked the hell out of each other's backs and shoulders, always feel weird seeing Khali take punishment, don't know why, they even worked some near falls

ECW Title match I was much happier with, Regal's movements in the technical spots and his transitions still look crisp even though he's getting up there in age, Christian's nasty bump off top rope and repeated sick slaps, as well as Regal's brutal JoMo knee on the ground pushed this into my 2nd favorite of the night, would have liked to seen more time given though.

Cena's 6th World Title win was absolutely deserved as I believe these two didn't just have a pro wrestling match, they put on a dramatic physical performance that's almost second to none. As far as pure # of spots, not as many as a general wrestling match, but Orton's medieval like torture of Cena was animalistic at points. For Cena to have taken those cane shots to the ribs takes a special person to mentally prepare themselves for that brutality; he truly has put himself in the upper echelon of top wrestlers with his gutsy performance here. And Orton was at his most deliciously evil in this, selling as usual top notch and shock and awe at Cena's will to survive again place him at the top of the heap performance wise. A match I could watch over and over again.

Main event had a large hill to climb to top the previous bout and was generally happy with most of it, Punk was frothing at the mouth to bump big for Taker, which he did, and Taker was sufficient in his role, it's just that dumbass Montreal screwjob thing is a terrible way to end a PPV and a match. look forward to their next encounter.


at class now with a few spare minutes.. will chime in.. - opener was good but felt flat and didn't improve upon the bevy of Jericho/Show TV defenses.. - miz showed some aggression but felt like a supserstars main.. not so much their fault as just bad booking to include a match a day or so before a ppv and the audience reacted accordingly. - the dx match had me laughing my ass off.. - triple h disappears for ten minutes because he was hit with a fucking cooler? - figure four on ringpost by cody had bret rolling over in his grave.. - oh, wait, he's not dead?

kane versus khali.. alright its no mat classic.. but i was damn entertained watching these two big idiots bludgeon each other.. - i like my wrestling physical and just was enough to suffice in that regard.. - better than seeing 'em working a standard singles by far.. - ecw title was tits.. - not sure if i'd rank it above their match on syfy a few weeks ago but the delicious matwork to start followed by some physical strikes and slams set this apart from the rest of the show which felt watered down.. - really digging third-quarter ECW sans tyler reks' springboards.. - i loved cena/orton.. - as jess stated.. this felt like a broadway performance as i was twitching in my chair watching cena get punished like a wrestling martyr.. - orton was just diabolical and better than any big screen villain in '09.. - great facials, story telling, energy, emotion, etc. - one of my favorite wwe singles matches this year.. - main was a fun first chapter (or foreword) on the taker/punk feud.. - hoping we get a longer, more brutal match in a hell in the cell next month.. - all and all a pay-per-view i didn't take offense to but couldn't wholeheartedly recommend either.. seek out the regal and cena matches for sure..

class is starting.. - will say this.. watched some roh last night.. - cabana vs. punk from final battle '02.. - not structured as well as their later stuff and some dangerous moves sans context but a fun opener.. - weird thinking seven years later punk would be working undertaker.. - watched some july hdnet stuff.. - brodie lee vs. delirious was fine but felt like a chikara undercard bout.. - young bucks vs. bobby fish/silas young was a fine opener, too.. - bobby fish working puro-styled kick offense seems odd but guess it's fine.. - didn't finish the main before i left for school this morning but was fun and physical.. hero and the wolves vs. generico, steen, and kenta.. - i like watching people bludgeon each other..


so far the jericho/ show fueds have been better in builing up than finishing, Cryme Tyme and now this team. thought it was another solid performance in Jericho's '09 catalogue. good point on the one day notice for that match, finish did come off well but miz looks like a jericho clone, in fashion only and is still missing something, it's not charisma. Shawn's crash pad bump should be his own personal hell, reliving it over and over again on a monitor, and yes, that figure four was shit, i guess good thing Michaels was there to put his leg in right position. i've grown tired of HHH's Shit-Buster Spine-Buster. Amen on the physical part, neither man was going to get any prettier so at least they went full swing on it. I almost think the SyFy match was better, no time constraints. We must mention that abominable and tasteless Ziggler attack on Patterson, that should have been an automatic "No" in the creative meeting before show started. It's quickly become my favorite match so far this year i believe, right next to that NOAH tag w/ Kensuke & Nakajima v. Go & KENTA. Good beginning to hopefully an upcoming nasty feud, that's hope teddy long's chicanery doesnt' get in the way.

was watching Fish against Kensuke & Mori last week, had good enthusiasm, just delivering himself gift wrapped to their clotheslines, looks like Masters though


Opener was decent, nothing too memorable for me aside from Henry trying to lift Show like he did on Raw last week. Miz/Kofi was good for what it was, the near falls at the end were exciting and it delivered more than what would've been a two-minute throw-away on Raw. DX and Legacy was a mess. The crowd brawling was the shits and Shawn trying to choke Cody on the railing made me laugh. The lighting was terrible during the brawl on the concourse. Shawn took a terrible bump on a crash padLater, backstage, Trips was put through the "catering" table and walloped with a water cooler, thus putting him out of the match for ~TEN MINUTES~? I guess the combination of Dasani water and the chili-cheese Fritos is too much for any man to withstand.

Kane and Khali bludgeoned themselves much to my delight. Khali's shots looked way more effective that Kane's.. Speaking of Kane, his chokeslam to Khali at the end was especially shoddy, but for him lifting a man that size, I guess it was acceptable. Regal and Christian I thought fell flat. Everything was uniformly solid but their match weeks earlier on TV was yards better. Then, Pat Patterson, who was wearing a shirt that no person on earth should be caught dead in, was introduced in an awful segment in which Dolph Ziggler came out to berate him and then beat him up. His match with Morrison was scrapped for this? Not sure why anyone alive thought it was a good idea.

The psychology in Cena/Orton was thicker than a morning fog on Cape Cod. Cena getting wailed on by Orton with the kendo stick while he was hanging from the ringpost in a crucifixiton position from the ringpost was cringe-inducing. Not for the imagery, mind you, but for the physicality. Not a big fan of the ending as Orton quickly submitted to something simple. However, he was handcuffed to Cena, I guess that adds to the effect. Punk bumped his ass off for 'Taker in a quick match that ended very suddenly with Taker choking out Punk in the Hell's Gate submission. However, Teddy Long comes out to announce that a ruling Vickie Guerrero made TWO YEARS AGO that nobody remembers still stands and the match must continue. Then we get a quick, screwjob finish to end it. They're really doing their best to kill any business they have in Montreal ... no wonder less than 10,000 tickets were sold. Seek out Cena/Orton (and DX/Legacy if you need a good laugh) but I would avoid everything else.


it was refreshing for a undercard title match to get time, and i think given a few more years experience in the biz, both guys could have a good career ahead of them, but they need to learn some fundamentals.

that was odd they didn't have lighting up there, especially if they knew it was happening. that double figure four spot must have had Natch rolling in his lear jet in fits. While I agree Patterson's shirt should be illegal, I really dug Christian and Regal's match; think they've been two of the stronger components, not just in ECW but all Universe for 2009. But again, the longer and more effective Sy fy match ranks a little higher with me. yeah Cena's just a soldier for taking those cane shots, but the simple move you referenced was actually the STFU with the handcuff in Orton's gullet. R.I.P. Montreal. I don't necessarily have problem with the move being banned because I think WWE needs some continuity, my problem is how they pick and choose which things they want to keep as standard and which things can be forgotten. Just like in Marvel Comics, but hopefully Disney will take care of that shit! (for the fanboys)

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