Monday, July 14, 2008

WWF Saturday Night's Main Event 11/25/89

1) Ultimate Warrior v. Andre the Giant (IC title)- 3
2) Hulk Hogan v. The Genius (WWF Title)- 5
3) Big Bossman v. Dusty Rhodes- 2
4) Red Rooster v. Mr. Perfect- 4
5) Rockers v. Brainbusters (2 out of 3 Falls)- 5

Man, what a clash of the titans the first match was. You almost feel bad watching because they're expected to put on a good showing and neither man is capable; Andre because he was in so much pain and Warrior because he was still very green. He does a lot of sloppy punches and several times runs at Andre with nothing in mind and flops needlessly to the ground after a shot. Andre takes a pretty devastating bump through the ropes to the outside which would have looked like crap with anyone else doing it but Andre's so huge, it looks really sick. Heenan comes in and gets bumped for a lame DQ finish. The Title match was a whole hell of a lot of fun: Genius is like my sleeper worker from the 80's: he's athletic as hell, he can high fly, he's great at getting heat and he heats Hogan up big time in this way, prancing around, and I love when he slaps the shit out of that lecherer's face. Hogan gets so pissed he relives his tours of Japan and hits Genius with brutal clotheslines all day long. Henning comes out and slaps a piece of soggy chewing gum on the title and starts his program with Hogan and Genuis gets the Countout victory which they play up pretty well.

Dusty and Boss was short with not a lot happening, Slick was very present at ringside and there were a few corner whips and some flip-flop and fly. Bossman has a really good sell for punches where he jerks his whole body backwards. Perfect cut a very amusing promo with Jesse Ventura backstage and absolutely worked Rooster with some really stiff punches. After seeing this and an old Bockwinkle match, I'm convinced Henning has some of the most overlooked strikes in the game. The main event was fast and furious and featured Bobby Heenan leaving his team in the trenches as the big angle hanging over the match. Both teams had tremendous chemistry with each other but it felt like you were only getting snippets of a great match- with commercial breaks, quick pinfalls and Heenan's antics, I think a straight tag from a house show would be a real treat between these two teams.

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