Monday, July 14, 2008

Audio Review: TNA Victory Road '08

Hey everybody, Brian here, posting an audio review of TNA Victory Road '08 from last night on pay-per-view. Adam graciously hosted a viewing party, so fellow staff member Didge and I made the trip to watch the show and enjoy some pizza pies. Listen as we discuss the mismanagement of the World X Cup, Beer Money Inc.'s chances for tag team success, TNA's glorious women's division, why Samoa Joe turns into Sloppy Joe during main events, Jay Lethal's poor selling, and the possibility of unisex gloryholes!


Spoon said...

Eh how bout that Yoshino in the battle royal. Hot fiiiire!

Brian said...

Yoshino was a real standout.. possibly MVP of the night.. - it'd be interesting if they offered to bring him in more regulary but i don't see that in the cards.. - overall it'd probably be for the best long-term, maybe not financially, but for us as viewers, if he just says put and enjoy the rising popularity of Dragon Gate..