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Rey Mysterio: The Biggest Little Man - Disc 1

This was NHO's second marathon, our first being the Dusty Rhodes set a few years ago. I feel it only right to make my way through this massive review; since it's so big I have forgone re-rating matches previously reviewed and have just referenced my old reviews. Let's get started:

Disc 1

1) Rey/ Heavy Metal/ Latin Lover v. Psicosis/ Fuerza Guerrera/ Madonna's Boyfriend (AAA When Worlds Collide, 11/06/94)- 5

This was from the much loved AAA PPV that featured tons of great stars and great matches. This was the opener besides the minis match and it had a lot of high flying and fast paced action, a perfect introduction of Lucha Libre to the masses. Some highlights were Fuerza's dyanmite punches, Spicoli's fun dancing and selling, and of course, Rey, stunning people with his amazing high flying acrobatics. A great way to kick this DVD off.

2) Rey v. Psicosis (ECW Hardcore TV, 09/26/95)- 6

This was better than I expected, I don't know, when I think back to old ECW that I remembered really liking, it always seems to disappoint but Psicosis bumping like a fiend was the highlight here. They did your usual ECW crowd plancha spots and all that but the crux of this was they have great chemistry and they used it here.

3) Rey v. Juventud Guerrera (ECW Hardcore TV, 02/06/96)- 5

This was more technical than the Psicosis match, but nearly equally as good, just didn't have the length. These two also have great chemistry together and threw together a nice little tv match. Juvi was wearing that weird mask though.

4) Rey v. Dean Malenko (Great American Bash 1996)- 7

You really forget once a guy is out of the spotlight, but Dean was one of the best ring psychologists that ever worked. He pops Rey's arm at one point in this match between his feet and it makes a crack like a damn .45 caliber going off. Then, he proceeds to dissect Rey's tiny arm. Just brilliant mat work. This was Rey's debut match in WCW and he had the right opponent.

5) Rey v. Dean Malenko (Monday Nitro, 07/08/96)- 5

This was Rey's first title win and while it's shorter and there are a couple blown spots, it has roughly the same dynamic, but Rey takes more offense here than in the first match. Great hurricanrana that flowed so smoothly for the win.

6) Rey v. Ultimo Dragon (Hogwild, 08/10/96)- 6

This was their first meeting and it took place at a bike rally- this should have been showcased on a grand international stage with brilliant entrances but with Eric Bischoff at the helm, I'm sure this was less important that night than making sure the Giant had clean towels in his room. Dragon grounded Rey for his control sections and it's funny because both men are mostly defensive wrestlers so the pace wasn't as frenetic as a usual Rey match nor was the content as reved up; they both settled for mostly mat work excpet for a massive crazy suicide splash all the way to the gravel pit probably 12 feet down from the ring. Pretty spectacular.

7) Rey v. Super Calo (Fall Brawl, 09/15/96)- 7

Calo fit well with Rey because Rey is best when he's being controlled and allowed for a big comeback. Calo has a sort of roughneck style that was very unique in the cruiserweight division and it played off of Rey's style really well. Calo isn't a great bumper though and didn't really have a good pace for the match so Rey used more offense than normal. The finish of this was by god one of the most amazing finishes I've ever seen and I don't know why it isn't pimped more: Rey Springboarding from Top Rope to Top Rope across two rings and hitting his hurricanrana for the pin. Leaves you breathless.

8) Rey v. Dean Malenko (Halloween Havoc, 10/27/96)- 8

What an awesome series these two had: Brian pointed out that Rey is possibly Dean's greatest opponent. You see what a masterpiece these two can craft together. Dean and Rey always start out hot, both trying to see who will set the pace for the match, and it's always Dean. He works Rey on the ground, and really works him, doesn't just lay on him, like Lita used to do with that limp dick Edge in bed, and actively works up a sweat working submissions. He does this because when Rey starts his comeback, his high flying moves look so much more awesome because he's been grounded for so long. Dean hits his one of a kind top rope stomachbreaker- no one even attempts to pull that off any more and the finish hits the mark dead on. It's the precision which Dean moves here and the agony that Rey sells in that makes this a top notch bout against anything you see because Dean is moving the flow of the match and he allows Rey to work all of his offense without any limits because Dean will be there to sell it correctly. This was amazing.

9) Rey v. Jushin Liger (Starrcade, 12/29/96)- 6

Another first time meeting: Liger had just came back to the sport after surviving a brain tumor and his work was a little hesitant so Rey did all the bumping for him, including taking several stiff powerbombs, one on the outside floor that echoed. The high flying is a little awkward for Rey since Liger was at his buffed up stage but they both can work wonders with even bad opponents, so this comes off well. Liger sticks to formula for almost the whole thing and cuts off Rey's super comback for a quiet win.

10) Rey v. Ultimo Dragon (Spring Stampede, 04/06/97)- 7

Another really, really fun match. This one had Ultimo employing a new strategy of trying to match arieal manuevers against Rey with tons of moonsaults and dives outside, even a dropkick counter to Rey's springboard moonsault. Really crazy stuff, Dragon didn't go to the ground and he and Rey had equal offensive flurries throughout. Rey is really great on defense and WCW knew that and always played him that way; if you watch WWE Rey stuff, they like him to go on big offensive flurries and now especially since he's bigger, his move set has lessened and I think it exposes him more. But, nonetheless, this was a memorable encounter.

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