Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cryme Tyme vs. Chris Masters and Viscera - (WWE Heat 5/4/07) - 3

This is only a few months old, so it’s kind of surreal that only one of these guys still is employed by the WWE. This is Viscera pre-suspenders, so he’s still rocking the silk pajamas that very effectively showcase his lovely non-lady lumps. There wasn’t much of note here, but a few things did catch my eye, namely Shad’s excellent sells of some Masters kneedrops, where he screamed and squirmed displaying pain better than any of the victims in Saw movies. There isn’t any notable bumps or stiff shots, the storytelling’s basic, but outside of those limitations it’s a fairly inoffensive bout. I look forward to seeking out soon some videos of Masters matches in-front of 250 people in poorly organized independent shows. Next time your boss leaves the immediate area, don’t go lusting after girls you’ll never touch on MySpace, but instead, hit up the wealth of wrestling footage available for free on the WWE site, as in the canon of quality wrestling, Heat’s going to go down as one of the most unappreciated gems.

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