Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Randy Savage v. Jushin Liger- New Japan 07/17/1996- 4

This at first felt identical to a Savage v. Flair match from Nitro from this era except with Liger plugged into that spot, which his talents weren't quite suited for plain old leg work, what a waste of charisma and performing capability, it'd be like buying a Maziata and leaving it in the garage. It never really went into 2nd gear, also not a lot of transitioning between either guy, but I enjoyed Liger's spree of high impact moves smashing Savage near the end. Another funny moment was Liger hitting the coppo kick and blasting randy in the face, then Savage running outside to escape and trying to leap the barricade and falling face first, like an Olympic trial blooper video of a runner tripping in mid jump.

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