Tuesday, February 26, 2008

WWF Monday Night Raw - 1/11/93

1) Koko B. Ware vs. Yokozuna - 3
2) The Steiner Brothers vs. The Executioners - 3
3) Shawn Michaels vs. Max Moon - 4
4) The Undertaker vs. Damian Demento - 3

Koko and Yoko had a fun match. Yoko dominated in every sense of the word. I believe that it was one of Koko's last appearances for the company. The Executioners couldn't even execute a centipede, let alone execute moves on the Steiners. There was one memorable spot where Rick threw one of them for a whip and the dude tripped over his own feet. Michaels and Moon had the best match on the show, aside from Rob Bartlett's stupid Mike Tyson bit. Moon did a nice Thesz press from the apron in what was his big spot of the night. Undertaker squashed Demento in a matter of minutes to cap off the show. Overall, a fun debut for Raw.


Brian said...

hate to be the prose police.. but it looks like you "handed over" this review.. - i know you've got more than one line of analysis on Demento's work? - his facials alone deserve a novella..

Adam said...

i'm saving my comments for demento for a recent episode of prime time wrestling i watched in which he squashed some random dude with a mullet.