Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Castagnoli vs. Albright - Flag Match

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Brent Albright - Flag Match - ROH on HDNet 7/11/09 - 4

I'd say that Claudio and Brent have had one of the worst feuds of the year. I think you could make a fairly easy argument that Brent is the lousiest performer on the current ROH active roster. The matches have largely felt the same, haven't really helped elevate either guy, and have generally stunk like Gabe Sapolsky's underwear when his mom forgot to do the wash. But, all that being (cruelly) said, this match was sort of actively fun. Thanks in part goes to aging commentator Mike Hogwood, who sells Claudio's discretion of the United States' flag hilariously throughout. Both guys take big bumps outside of the ring, my favorite, a backdrop that sees Castagnoli sit upright and sell by raising an eyebrow inquisitively as if hearing a particularly interesting bit of oratory during the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates. The ending is campy, too; as to win you have to enter the ring with your respective flag, after Brent pulls it off Claudio sells disbelief as Albright runs around wearing the flag as a makeshift cape, showcasing the exact opposite of equanimity as he looks like a child hopped up on sugar doing a celebratory lap around the playground.


Brian said...

Ryan, first off, what the fuck, did it take you a week to muster up the balls to write something? Secondly, I have no idea who you are, never seen DWA, etc. so how in the hell was I supposed to know who you or any of your crew was? Only one person that writes for this blog attended your poorly executed show at the fair. It's not like all of us secretly have it out for that company or any local groups in general--you're so fucking amateur and insignificant that you don't even matter amongst your peers. It's ridiculously funny that one negative review made your entire federation fold and internally implode.

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Brian said...

Jessie responded while in the office and wanted me to pass along his response:

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