Saturday, July 23, 2005

FMW Final Encounter: Backdraft – May 5, 2000 – DVD

1 – Ricky Fuji vs. Crazy Boy – Clipped
I couldn’t really tell much about this match because it was absolutely clipped to hell. Fuji hit a pretty cool spinning brainbuster. What we saw looked pretty decent.

2 – June Kusanagi vs. Kaoruko
I can honestly say that this is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen passed off as a match. Two women sort of fell around the ring, stumbling around not really attempting much of any offensive maneuvers. This was a novelty match first off, but it didn’t even entertain in that respect. Kaoruko wearing a schoolgirl outfit, mind you, busted out some pretty swank dance steps. I hated this.

3 – Kyoko Inoue, Choco Ball Mukai, and Kaori Nakayami vs. Azusa Kudo, Emi Motokawa, and Yuka Nakamua – Clipped
Give me a break. This sucks. This match featured four women, a porn star, and an individual who underwent a sex change operation. Not my idea of an athletic demonstration. Some seriously botched spots. And some disturbing ones; like one guy (or was is it a girl?) chewing on Mukai’s crotch as an attack. The women wrestlers put on the worst example of Japanese women’s wrestling I may have possibly ever seen. Why?

4 – Eddy Fatu and Matty Smalls vs. Hideki Hosaka and Yoshinori Sasaki – Clipped
I can’t say a whole lot about this match because it was clipped up. Some bad garbage bumps. Fatu hit an ugly splash driving one of his opponents through a table. Hosaka attempted to do something resembling a balcony dive but it ended up looking less effective than a kiss. The majority of this was a wandering brawl.

5 – Kintaro Kanemura vs. Ryuji Yamakawa – Clipped
Lots of garbage, but pretty entertaining at points. Several dumb offensive concepts. They brawled into the back at one point. Ryuji smashed a fluorescent light bulb over Kanemura’s head, and Kintaro immediately crawled away presumably to blade himself in a laughable spot. Not too many surprises.

6 – Mr. Ganosuke vs. Sabu – Clipped
I’m pretty sick of all of these clipped matches. I can’t really say much good about this affair. Ganosuke hit a pretty awesome Rikishi Driver off the ring apron on Sabu through a table. They did some kind of screw job finish using a fireball. What the hell happened? More importantly, who cares?

7 – Kodo Fuyuki vs. Tetsuhiro Kuroda
Parts of this match weren’t bad at all. There was this one really lame period, however. They utilized eggs and underwear in it. Need I say more? I felt that if they would have tightened the match up, and eliminated a lot of the unnecessary crap they could have worked a genuinely solid match. But, I guess we’ll have to settle for this.

8 – Hayabusa vs. Masato Tanaka
This match wasn’t as good as I was looking forward to. I remember watching a tape a few years back of these two tearing it up in a rather long singles match. I was hoping for something similar here, but wasn’t impressed. There were some cool spots, but no real good sequences or smooth chain wrestling. I guess they’ve deteriorated over the years. Tanaka killed Hayabusa with a powerbomb, where he launched Hayabusa over the top rope and down to the floor where he was supposed to land on a table, but mostly made impact with the floor. There were a couple nice suplexes thrown in there.


Jessie said...

now, was it you or steve who asked umaga about this match? i can't remember anymore.

Brian said...

steve asked him about this match..

but, it was me whom he came into suncoast and asked about the DVD with rikishi's big bump..