Friday, June 1, 2007

WCW Saturday Night 8/07/99

1. Spyder vs. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan – 2
2. Harlem Heat vs. Disorderly Conduct – 4
3. Juventud Guerrera vs. Psychosis – 2
4. Dave Burkhead vs. Ernest Miller – 3
5. Jerry Flynn and Hugh Morrus vs. Public Enemy – 2
6. Brian Knobbs vs. Villano V – 3
7. Chris Adams vs. Eddy Guerrero – 5
8. Silver King vs. Horace Hogan – 2
9. Barry and Kendall Windham vs. B.A. and Swoll – 2
10. La Parka vs. Sid Vicious – 0

Life is like an episode of WCW Saturday Night… you never know what you’re going to get. Duggan can’t even open a can of Pringles – much less convincingly open a wrestling show. At one point, Booker T looked like he was performing in a minstrel show, and the highlight of that tag match was one of the Disorderly guys bumping off the apron like a pinball. Oh, Juventud and Psychosis, how utterly disappointed I was in your match. These guys knew each other far too well to have delivered such a sloppy bout. I blame Juvie’s drug addiction. Some reason early on, Burkhead was abasing himself and groveling. Ernest’s kicks are wickedly stiff at times, even if he’s a complete tool. Knobbs was uniformly stiff, but, in a simple glorified squash, was it really necessary to stretch it on forever? Grunge no-sold punches like he was a young kid grappling with an older brother, and Rocco Rock was about as unappealing in-ring as the wretched cover art to Father M.C.’s essential release Father’s Day in ’90. Eddy and Adams put together a fairly enjoyable match, featuring a delicious suplex by Adams on the floor. At one point, Adams fell off the top turnbuckle, flailing in mid-air like someone leaping from the WTC. Silver King, you deserved so much better. It was fun seeing brothers Barry and Kendall together, but I’ll be damned if Swoll wasn’t greener than Swamp Thing’s nutsack. The main event featured Vicious smashing the talented La Parka in under a minute in a throwaway match.

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